Episode 118: Amy Fitzgerald Part 2 Justice Erased

Greg Fitzgerald checked all the eraser killer boxes, including making sure life without parole didn’t really mean life without parole. The second part of the story about the tragic end to the extraordinary life of Amy Fitzgerald.

Also, Rebecca NNW’s the Netflix doc “The Tinder Swindler”

Episode 117: Amy Fitzgerald, another eraser killer victim

There’s a certain kind of killer and Amy Fitzgerald was the victim of one of them. Maybe not as famous as some of the others — Scott Peterson, Chris Watts, Charles Stuart, Mark Hacking, the list goes on and on — but her story is just as significant as their victims. Marilee Strong identified these type of men in her 2008 book “Eraser Killers,” and we’ll talk more about how very dangerous they are, particularly since people still don’t get it.

Maureen also has the latest Maura Murray update, Rebecca does an NNW review of the Netflix documentary “The Puppet Master,” and our ongoing discussion of “Dalgleish” continues.

Episode 116.1 Maine’s first murder of 2022 and more

Hey! It’s a special bonus episode. We had so much stuff for Episode 116 that we had to leave some out, but still wanted you to hear it. We talk about Maine’s first murder of 2022, the alleged domestic homicide of Eva Cox, of Lubec. We also catch up on the recent and startling sentence for the perpetrator in Maine’s first murder of 2020.

We’ll be back next week with a brand new full-length Episode 117.

Episode 116: Montreal Massacre and its legacy of pain

Marc LePine tried to make a “political point” by shooting up a university in Montreal in 1989, killing 14 women. The legacy of the Montreal Massacre could have gone a long way to changing things, ranging from attitudes toward women to guns. But the equivocation started while the bodies were still warm. Are we any smarter in 2022? Rebecca takes a look.

We also update news on Ghislaine Maxwell, the Steven Downs trial, and Maureen gives “Dalgleish” the NNW treatment.

Episode 115: The Happy Face Killer’s unhappy story

Sister Liz is our guest storyteller, bringing another troubling tale from the great northwest.

We also discuss the merits of “The Thomas Crown Affair” (the 1968 version) versus “The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” both bank robber movies shot in Boston in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

And Rebecca and Maureen give the NNW treatment to the Hulu documentary “Dead Asleep.”

Episode 114: Ted Conrad 52 years on the run

On his 20th birthday, July 10, 1969, Ted Conrad walked out of the Clevebank bank where he worked with $215,000 in a paper bag. For 52 years he eluded the FBI and U.S. Marshal Service in what’s still that city’s most expensive bank heist. But then, in May 2021, a Massachusetts man on his death bed, told his family his secret…

We also discuss the Taylor Swift-Don McLean situation, and Rebecca gives an NNW to the podcast “Suspect.”


Episode 113: Dottie Milliken, Pam Webb murders still unsolved

Happy fifth anniversary! To celebrate, we have a jam-packed episode.

Dottie Milliken and Pamela Webb were both young women with promising lives who were murdered in Maine, cases that have gone decades with no arrests ever made. Rebecca takes an in-depth look.

We also discuss some recent news events, the new Bechdel-Milliken Test for sexism in movie, TVs and books, and update the Loon Mountain bone fragments find and the Turpin family.

And Maureen NNWs the show “Case Histories.”

So, lots to enjoy!

Episode 112: The Station Fire revisited, who IS to blame?

We revisit The Station nightclub fire, which we covered in Episode 72, after the TV show “48 Hours” airs an episode that claims to nail down who was responsible for the 2003 blaze that killed 100 in Rhode Island. Then doesn’t.

We also update the Maine-New Hampshire landfill body mystery. More or less.

And Rebecca gives NNW treatment to the new Netflix series “Catching Killers” after which we continue our love affair with Liane Moriarty with an impassioned discussion of “Apples Never Fall.”

Listen and enjoy!

Episode 111: Claudine Longet, Spider Sabich & the celebrity shooting that transfixed America

Singer and dancer Claudine Longet and skier Spider Sabich were the “it” celebrity couple of the early 70s. When a gun Longet was holding in their Aspen, Colorado, home went off, killing Sabich, it became one of the biggest stories of the decade. While many have forgotten about it over the decades, the issues of celebrity, misogyny and speculation that passes as evidence haven’t changed all that much.

We also discuss the TV series “Endeavour,” giving it the NNW treatment, and revist the Liane Moriarty book “Truly Madly Guilty.”


Episode 110: James Dailey vs. the Florida Killing Machine

There was no evidence – none – against James Dailey in the May 1985 murder of 14-year-old Shelly Boggio. Then child rapist and convicted con man Paul Skalnik made a deal with Florida prosecutors that put Dailey on death row, where he’s been for 34 years.

Also, Rebecca gives the NNW treatment to Stephen King’s latest book, “Billy Summers.”


Episode 109: Cathy Moulton, 50 years and still missing

Cathy Moulton had just turned 16 and was looking forward to going to a dance in September 1971 in her home city of Portland, Maine. She never made it. Five decades later, she is still missing. It’s another sad example of how a case could’ve been solved, and in this one a murder even possibly could’ve been prevented, if only police had paid just a little more attention.

We also, in a mini Maine mini talk about the recent landfill body finds in Maine and New Hampshire, and Maureen takes an NNW sledgehammer to the Netflix doc “Monsters Inside: The 14 Faces of Billy Milligan.”


Episode 108: Joyce McLain and the long confession

After Joyce McLain was murdered while she was out for a run in East Millinocket, Maine, in August 1980, the investigation took awhile, but it seemed seemed like cops might’ve finally had their guy when Scott Fornier confessed in May 1981. So why did it take more than 37 years to but him behind bars?

We also have brief updates on Sarah Everard and Maura Murray.

And Rebecca gives the NNW treatment to the Netflix show “Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Bentrayal and Greed.”

Episode 107: The Cowden family massacre and more Oregon injustice

Our very special guest, sister Liz, joins us to discuss some unsolved Oregon campsite cases, including the 1974 murders of the Cowden family, as well as the 1977 attack, by pickup truck and hatchet, on two young women at Cline Falls.

She also gives the NNW treatment to the Discovery Plus documentary “Relentless.”

Rebecca also NNW’s the Liane Moriarty book “Truly Madly Guilty.”

Updates include Luc Tieman’s latest court appearances (Episode 7 and multiple updates), as well as discussion of Liz and Maureen’s trip to some New Hampshire sites of previous episodes that provided some insight to the Louise Chaput murder and Maura Murray’s disappearance.


Episode 106: Finding justice for Dawn Leighton

Dawn Leighton loved her dogs, her new house, and was kind and friendly – a loving sister, daughter and friend. Unfortunately she was also another Maine victim of a senseless murder by a man who thought he was entitled to her.

We also do an update on Illinois’ new law that prohibits cops from lying to people under the age of 18 during an interrogation.

And Maureen NNWs the heck out of a couple of Audible true crime podcasts.

Episode 105: No justice for Laura Lee Howard

Laura Howard had gone through a messy divorce in her home state of Massachusetts, and thought Florida would be a great place to make a new start. Once in Fort Myers, she became known for her big heart, kindness and generosity. But people will always take advantage, won’t they? On May 3, 2013, police found her dead in her bathtub, and her lodger, Simon Storm, was nowhere to be found. Eight years later, police are still looking for Simon, who’s actually Robert Kuehn, a Florida “chamelon con man” with a history of preying on women.

And, in our NNW rating, Rebecca discusses Tana French’s novel “In the Woods,” audio book version.

Episode 104: What You’re Doing on Our Summer Vacation

We’re taking a break for a few weeks, but we want to make sure you have something to entertain you while we’re not around, so we have recommendations for our current top podcasts, TV shows and books. And we also give the NNW treatment to the Netflix doc Sophie. Enjoy!

Episode 103: Frank Sandford, bound for heaven, prison or hell?

Frank Sandford was just another baseball-playing kid from a big rural Maine family until the spirit hit him when he was 16. Before Jonestown, before Scientology, Sandford’s self-styled religion gained followers across the globe, as well as at his massive compound in Durham, Maine. Many ultimately followed him right to their graves.

Rebecca also updates the honey-bee murder, Maureen has some rants and she also gives the NNW treatment to the Netflix miniseries “Harlan Coben’s The Stranger.”

Episode 102: Gerald Goodale hot case, cold case part 1

When Gerald Goodale was convicted of killing Geraldine Finn in 1989 in Waterville, Maine, there was something else hanging over his head. Finally, in 2021, it came back to bite him.

Also, we give the HBO series “Mare of Easttown” the NNW treatment!

Episode 101: Sherry York, twice a victim

The brutal attack by a stranger that Sherry York suffered one night in  a Portland, Maine, parking lot was compounded by the narrative that followed: her attacker was a family man and firefighter, the story went. She was a sex worker and drug user. But what was the real story?

Rebecca also updates the Angel Torres disappearance.

Episode 100: Singing a song of crime oh yeah

We celebrate 100 episodes by counting down our favorite songs about crime. What, you were expecting a party? Well, you’ve got one!

Episode 99: Inventing the imperfect murder

Every murderer makes mistakes, and it only takes a couple to mess the whole thing up. Inventor Todd Howley thought he was pretty smart, but he made more than a couple when he killed Paul Maasland, a nice guy whose biggest mistake was trusting Howley with his money.

Also, a special dual NNW rating of the Netlfix docuseries “This is a Robbery.”


Episode 98: The stupid senseless death of Charlie Howard

When a friend asked Charlie Howard why he didn’t protect himself from harassment by acting “a little less gay,” he said told the friend he wasn’t going to be a participant in his own oppression. A few days later, three teenage boys threw Howard, 23, to his death off a Bangor, Maine, bridge. The 1984 killing of a man, just because he was gay, still resonates today.

Also, a Maine mini on the death of Rhonda Pattelena, a domestic violence attack that happened in front of dozens of witnesses on York Beach, Maine; updates on Ghislaine Maxwell, and, wait for it… the never-going-away Episode 29, Wicked Bad Chemistry.

Episode 97: Sarah Everard and reclaiming the night

Sarah Everard was walking home from a friend’s house in south London on the night of March 3. She never got there. What happened next reopened wounds festering in the UK, and around the world, since the Yorkshire Ripper case more than 40 years before. And it once again raises the question, when is male violence against women going to become a men problem instead of a women problem?

Also, Maureen talks about the latest Acadia National Park fatal hiking trip and Rebecca gives an update on Maine wife-killer Noah Gaston, as well as an NNW rating to the HBO docuseries “Murder in Middle Beach”

Episode 96: Just who WAS Shaun Harrison?

For years, Shaun Harrison, a minister and youth counselor was the go-to guy for the Boston press when they needed quotes on gang violence, youth with guns and more. That is, until, he was arrested for shooting a teenager.

Maureen also does an NNW rating for the Netflix doc “Made you Look.”

Episode 95 Justice for Johnetta Carr a long time coming

Johnetta Carr was 16 and going places, but the Louisville, Kentucky, police department had other plans for her. Looking to hang a murder charge on someone, they picked her and her friends, and through a series of false statements, doctored reports, intimidation and more, they “made their case.” Now, 15 years and a wrongful conviction later, she’s beginning to find some justice.

UPDATES: Maureen updates the Alaska murder charges against Steven Downs (Episode 67), and Rebecca updates the rape charges against Ivan Keith (Episode 92).

REVIEWS: Rebecca also gives an NNW rating to the Netflix series “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel,” and we revisit “The Lady and the Dale.”