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Maureen is the author of the Bernie O’Dea mystery series


Redimere, Maine. It’s small, quiet and remote. But peaceful? No.

In COLD HARD NEWS, NO NEWS IS BAD NEWS and BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST, newspaper editor and owner Bernadette “Bernie” O’Dea and Police Chief Pete Novotny have their hands full with corrupt cops, murderous employees at the transfer station (that’s the dump for those of you from away), grisly findings in the woods, murdered Appalachian Trail hikers and and all those other things that small Maine towns are so well known for.

Maine may be Vacationland, but there’s no vacation from murder in the western Maine mountains of the Bernie O’Dea series.

Maureen’s books are available in print and most ebook formats, both through Amazon and S&H Publishing. You can also listen,¬†because they’re available in digital audio at Audible and iTunes. Check it out at maureenmilliken.com.





Rebecca’s Stuff

Rebecca is an artist, whose work includes embroidery, painting, chalk, pencil and craft.

She has also created T-shirts for Crime & Stuff, our other podcast Groovy Tube, and with other themes. Check out RMilliken Fine Folk Art on Bonfire.

Check out her artist page on Facebook.

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