Special Announcement: No, no one was murdered

Something suddenly came up that has delayed Episode 120. No, no one was murdered, but we do have to take a short break. Listen to this special announcement to find out when we may be back and also some things to do so you’re not staring at the wall until we return (hopefully soon).

Episode 111: Claudine Longet, Spider Sabich & the celebrity shooting that transfixed America

Singer and dancer Claudine Longet and skier Spider Sabich were the “it” celebrity couple of the early 70s. When a gun Longet was holding in their Aspen, Colorado, home went off, killing Sabich, it became one of the biggest stories of the decade. While many have forgotten about it over the decades, the issues of celebrity, misogyny and speculation that passes as evidence haven’t changed all that much.

We also discuss the TV series “Endeavour,” giving it the NNW treatment, and revist the Liane Moriarty book “Truly Madly Guilty.”