Episode 121: Let’s talk about dating app crime

One angle in the ongoing story of the death of Lauren Smith Fields that hasn’t been looked at is dating app sexual crimes and violence. Lauren met a man on Bumble — and somehow during their first date wound up ingesting a deadly cocktail of drugs. If her date has something to do with her death, it’s part of the ongoing issue of dating app crimes against women that no one wants to address. Or even talk about.

We also NNW the Netflix docu-series “Bad Vegan.”

Episode 120: Lauren Smith Fields no justice in sight

When Lauren Smith Fields died in her Bridgeport, Connecticut, apartment while on a first date with a man she met on Bumble, and the police didn’t bother to notify her family, that was just the first injustice in a case that has all the worst elements of racism, white male priviledge, police incompetence and more. And the sad thing is, she’s not the only one.

Also, Rebecca gives NNW treatment to the Netflix series Worst Roommate Ever.