Episode 118: Amy Fitzgerald Part 2 Justice Erased

Greg Fitzgerald checked all the eraser killer boxes, including making sure life without parole didn’t really mean life without parole. The second part of the story about the tragic end to the extraordinary life of Amy Fitzgerald.

Also, Rebecca NNW’s the Netflix doc “The Tinder Swindler”

Episode 117: Amy Fitzgerald, another eraser killer victim

There’s a certain kind of killer and Amy Fitzgerald was the victim of one of them. Maybe not as famous as some of the others — Scott Peterson, Chris Watts, Charles Stuart, Mark Hacking, the list goes on and on — but her story is just as significant as their victims. Marilee Strong identified these type of men in her 2008 book “Eraser Killers,” and we’ll talk more about how very dangerous they are, particularly since people still don’t get it.

Maureen also has the latest Maura Murray update, Rebecca does an NNW review of the Netflix documentary “The Puppet Master,” and our ongoing discussion of “Dalgleish” continues.