156. Charles Terry, Shirley Coolen, and the Boston Strangler

Charles Terry wasn’t a good guy, especially when it came to women. He liked to beat, rape and strangle them. He was convicted for several attacks and just out of prison in 1951 when Shirley Coolen, a Brunswick, Maine, single mother was found dead, strangled in a yard on the town’s fancy Park Row. But did he do it? And how about the Boston Strangler murders? He was a suspect in those, too. We discuss.

Rebecca gives the NNW treatment to the Kristin Hannah book “The Women.”

147. Gay panic: No justice for Frederic Spencer

No one knows why Fred Spencer was in his friend and apartment-mate’s room on the afternoon of April 28, 1973. One thing quickly became clear — he didn’t come out alive. The outcome of the University of Maine graduate student’s case would have widespread tragic implications for decades to come. Maureen presents.

Also, Rebecca does a Negative Nellies Watching review of the hit film “Barbie.”

146. Amber Cummings: A special justice

No one in Belfast, Maine, who knew James Cummings liked him very much. But was it OK for his wife, Amber, to shoot him to death as he slept? Turns out, it very well may have been.

Rebecca explains.

Maureen gives an NNW review to the audio version of the book “Vanished in Vermillion,” by Lou Raguse.

Episode 132: Azita Jamshab, there’s no insurance against murder

Azita Jamshab, 29, and newly divorced was ready to move from Maine to Las Vegas and start a new life. But her insurance agent, who was also the beneficiary on her life insurance policy, had a different plan. Rebecca presents.

Maureen updates Episode 72, the Cocoanut Grove fire, and Episode 125, Katahdin Kills and Doesn’t Care, and takes the NNW machete to the Discovery plus documentary “My Name is Bulger.”

Episode 106: Finding justice for Dawn Leighton

Dawn Leighton loved her dogs, her new house, and was kind and friendly – a loving sister, daughter and friend. Unfortunately she was also another Maine victim of a senseless murder by a man who thought he was entitled to her.

We also do an update on Illinois’ new law that prohibits cops from lying to people under the age of 18 during an interrogation.

And Maureen NNWs the heck out of a couple of Audible true crime podcasts.

Episode 69: Catching murder with honey

It could probably only happen in Maine: a couple beekeepers, a couple lobstermen, a family feud, a $6,000 load of honey, and someone ends up dead.

Was Leon Kelley’s murder in self defense? We discuss.

Episode 66: The sad sad story of Constance Fisher

Constance Fisher, a young Waterville, Maine, mother, was found not guilty by reason of insanity after she killed her three children in 1954. Eventually she was well enough to go home to her husband, Carl, where they started a new family…

Episode 59: A Maine murder and manhunt

When Stephanie Ginn Gebo was found dead on her bedroom floor by her 13-year-old daughter in June 2015, her former boyfriend Robert Burton was already in the Maine woods, where he stayed, eluding police for 68 days.

[Photo is Robert Burton caught on surveillance camera in July 2015 during his 68 days on the run, courtesy of Maine State Police]

Episode 43: Who left Ashley Ouellette in the middle of the road?

On February 10, 1999, at about 4 a.m., the body of Ashley Ouellette, 15, was found on the center line of the Pine Point Road in Scarborough, Maine. She’d been neatly placed there after being murdered.

Some 19 years later, police are still looking for her killer.

Join us for Episode 43.

Episode 41: Murder at Not So Pleasant Point

On a November Sunday in 1965, the extended Francis family’s home was invaded by five hunters from Massachusetts. By the end of the day, one member of the family would be dead.

Join us for a story that still resonates in Maine more than 50 years later.

Episode 38: Nichole Cable, teen angst, Facebook and murder

Nichole Cable, 15, told her mother she was going down to the end of their street in a small Maine town to “get some smokes” from an acquaintance. It was the last conversation they’d have.

Cable was murdered, her body found weeks later. But not by a stranger, but by a young man who lured her with a fake Facebook profile.

What happened? Listen and find out.