Episode 122.2: Who killed Djeswende and Stephen Reid?


Djeswende and Stephen Reid were shot to death while on an afternoon walk in the woods near their Concord, New Hampshire, apartment April 18. There was seemingly no motive for the double murder, and police seem baffled. A little more than a week later, Holly Banks and Keith LaBelle, a newly dating couple, were shot to death in Banks’ home, 100 miles to the north, in Gorham, New Hampshire. Police have said little about that case, and no one has yet been charged.

While two couples killed in mysterious circumstances in New Hampshire, which averages 19 homicides a year, may be an anomaly, it’s not unheard of. Will the Reid and Banks-LaBelle killings join the list of four murders of couples in the Granite State over the past 48 years that have yet to be solved? We discuss in this special New Hampshire Mini Episode.