153. A double tragedy for the McKenna family

One of Maine’s 2022 homicides was Drew McKenna, 24, accidentally shot by his older brother Shay. In 2023, the McKenna family suffered a second tragedy when the lost Shay, who was shot by police.

We also update the 2023 homicide list — it’s up to 54 now, and talk about the texts dismissed by police that warned police that Robert Card was going to do a mass shooting.

Special holiday greeting and some recommendations

Enjoy the figgy pudding, fireworks, airing of grievances, or however else you celebrate! Here are some recommendations on what to watch to get you through until our next episode in two weeks.

Happy holidays!

Episode 71: Third anniversary special with Maine murders & more

For our third anniversary episode we dip into the Maine well and come up with … well, you can probably guess.

Can you believe it’s been three years?