149. Lessons learned from the Logan Clegg murder trial

Presumption of guilt. Consciousness of guilt. The magical shell casing. Testilying. Giving the dogs credit. These are just some of the lessons learned as we wrap up discussion on the Logan Clegg murder case after Maureen spent more than three weeks in the courtroom covering it as a journalist.

We also disscus the latest mass shooting in the U.S., which happened right here in our backyard of Lewiston, Maine, and the giant huge honking red flags that were ignored before Robert Card II shot 18 people to death and seriously injured 13 more on Oct. 25.

Also, Rebecca gives NNW treatment to the Megan vs. Tory documentary on Discovery+

138. New details on the trail to Logan Clegg’s arrest

Episode 133 told part of the story of what led police to arrest Logan Clegg in the April 2022 double murder of Djeswende and Stephen Reid in Concord, New Hampshire. With the release of the 25-page Concord Police Department affidavit filed in support of his arrest, we learn so much more, including stories from people who may have crossed his path at the Broken Ground Trail preserve in the months and weeks before the Reids were killed, the story behind the Burnt Tent Site and what Clegg told Concord police after he was arrested.

Rebecca also gives an NNW review to Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare.” (The audio book)


Episode 133: Wendy and Steve Reid cross Logan Clegg’s deadly path

When Djeswende and Stephen Reid were shot while out for a walk in the woods in Concord, New Hampshire, police said the public was not in danger, even though they didn’t know who did it and didn’t have solid leads for weeks. But it turns out the public WAS in danger, from a man whose history of violence and illegal gun possession didn’t stop him from being armed that deadly day.

We take you step by step through what happened before and after the Reids and Logan Clegg met in the woods, and how a six-month investigation, that focused on the smallest of details, led to Clegg’s arrest just hours before he planned to step on a plane to Germany.

Also, Rebecca gives the NNW treatment to the Apple+ show “Bad Sisters.”