Episode 25: Phil Spector, murderous wall of crazy

Phil Spector, a small white man with an afro and mustache, is pointing a gun out of a car window, straight at the camera, as a larger man with a beard, helps steady his arm, reaching around him from behind.

So, what do you do with a musical genius who loves guns and scares the hell out of people?

Lana Clarkson

Well, since he’s rich, more famous than famous and influential, nothing.

Until someone gets hurt.

Phil Spector, whose “wall of sound” production transformed the music of the 60s, spent decades bending people to his will with crazy antics and the threat of violence. Lana Clarkson, an actress and part-time hostess at the House of Blues in LA, didn’t know spector when she met him in February 2003 when he stopped into the House of Blues in February 2003. She made the mistake of accepting Spector’s invitation of a drink and shop talk at his house that night. She didn’t get out alive.

Episode 25. Join us as we talk about Phil Spector’s murderous wall of crazy.

[In photo: Phil Spector points a gun as his bodyguard helps him in 1975. (Mark S. Wexler/Corbis)]