Episode 91: The Murder of Jodi Parrack Part 2

After seven years DNA from a man who tried to assault a 10-year-old girl matches that found on Jodi Parrack. And it’s not Ray McCann’s, who police have been after for seven years. So that’s the end of it, right? Wrong. Pard 2 of this troubling story.

Also, an update on Episode 77 that looks at the police raid on Anjanette Young, and our millionth update to Episode 29, the Boston drug lab scandal.

To top it off, a due NNW rating of Netflix’s four-part series “The Ripper.”


Episode 90: The Murder of Jodi Parrack Part 1

Police said only a monster could have killed 11-year-old Jodi Parrack, and they were going to find him. In a relentless investigation that spanned seven years, they kept telling the public the tips were piling up, the DNA would reveal the killer, new technology was going to make happen. But when they made an arrest, it wasn’t because of tips, DNA or new technology, but a very very old method…

Also, Rebecca gives an NNW rating to the audio version of “Dear Child.”