Episode 85: Kathleen McLean, the surgeon and diagnosis murder

We’ve wicked had it with people looking at some accomplished white guy and saying “a guy like that wouldn’t kill his wife (or family).” No, this isn’t about Jeffrey MacDonald, though Mo does give an impassioned defense of Joe McGinnis and “Fatal Vision,” and then, yes, we look at another case where a guy “who couldn’t have done something like that,” roared right through a lot of red flags, and another beautiful and loving woman is dead.

We have another quick Breonna Taylor update (Episode 77), and we also update the Aela Mansmann “school bullying” case (Episode 71).

In our NNW ratings, Rebecca takes on “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” the documentary (though she hasn’t finished watching it…)

Episode 50: Think you can’t get scammed? So did I

For our very special 50th episode we get a little personal — one of is $1,300 poorer after she got scammed. We talk about what happened, how it happened and, geez, am I really THAT stupid? Uh huh.

In our special NNW ratings we discuss the 1974 made for TV movie “Bad Ronald” and Michelle McNamara’s “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.”