Episode 20: The tragic story of Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney

Ah, bucolic small-town life, where everything is wonderful. NOT. More like, where everything can be a real cluster f***. Take Franconia, New Hampshire, in 2007 for instance. Mix in a messed-up kid, a hard-ass cop and a vigilante gun-nut bystander and the only outcome there’s going to be is trouble. On May 11, 2007, Like Kenney shot Franconia police Cpl. Bruce McKay, then ran him over, at a traffic stop after McKay pepper-sprayed him. Bystander Greg Floyd then fatally shot Kenney with McKay’s gun.

And Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire’s attorney general at the time, called Floyd a hero and, the next day, let him off without an investigation or any charges.

But that’s only the beginning of the story that inspired Maureen’s first mystery novel Cold Hard News.

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Episode 18: Logan Marr, the little girl who never had a chance


Logan Marr was too young to understand why the state of Maine kept taking her away from her mother. Her mother, Christy Baker, didn’t really understand either. Baker did everything she was asked, but a tangle of poverty, culture and, most importantly, a bureaucracy that valued its ¬†own prejudices over the well-being of a child and her mother, won out. Logan Marr died at the age of 5 at the hands of a foster mother who, if state rules were followed, shouldn’t have had her in the first place. She and her mom never had a chance.

Also, on Episode 18, we try not to sound dumber than we ever have before in a chaotic Ask a Lawyer. At least we have some good recommendations! Join us.

Episode 13: Chandra Levy, it’s over when they say it’s over


Nearly 16 years after Washington intern Chandra Levy disappeared and nearly 15 after her remains were found in Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., police are no closer to convicting someone of her murder. That’s despite one trial and conviction, a scheduled then dumped retrial and the extremely unhelpful “goofiness” of Gary Condit, the California congressman the 24-year-old was having a secret affair with when she disappeared.

Sex, drugs, jailhouse snitches, sleazy middle-aged men who lead on pretty young things — this story had it all. All, that is, but some resolution. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the Chandra Levy case, and maybe even some things you didn’t, in Crime & Stuff Episode 13.

And, yes, he’s back! Ask a Lawyer, with Matt Nichols of Nichols & Churchill in Portland, Maine, tells us why jailhouse snitches aren’t any worse witnesses than a a lot of other witnesses.

And, this week, we talk about the podcasts that we listen to when we’re not doing our own. C’mon. You know you want to know.