154. ‘Justified’ injustice: Ambroshia Fagre and Kadhar Bailey

Ambroshia Fagre was just 18 and likely an innocent bystander when she was killed by police in Maine in February 2017, along with Kadhar Bailey, 25, who police suspected of an armed home invasion. The two were among 13 people shot by police in Maine that year, nine of whom died. Maine police have shot to death nearly 200 people since 1990. Like all those before, and all those after — every police shooting in Maine since 1990 — the officers who shot Ambroshia and Kadhar were found to be justified by the state’s attorney general’s office.

We take a look at what happened that day and Maine’s narrow review system that has yet to find a law enforcement officer unjustified in a fatal shooting. Maureen presents.

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