Episode 24: The Fitbit & the woodchipper, two murders that made investigative history

Connie and Richard Dabate in happier times.

In April, Richard Dabate was arrested on charges he murdered his wife in December 2015. The evidence against Dabate is a cyber-crumb track of electronic device information, the biggest ones provided by the Fitbit his wife was wearing when she was shot in their Connecticut home. Investigators said it’s the first time a Fitbit has been used to help bring murder charges against someone.

More than 30 years before, another woman was killed, also by a Connecticut Richard. Helle Crafts body was never found — her husband had chopped her frozen, dismembered corpse up with a woodchipper and sprayed it into the Housatonic River during a blizzard. But enough was found to convict him, the first time in Connecticut someone was convicted without a body.

Two stories of relentless investigation helped along by tiny details, as well as some mind-blowing idiocy and laughable narcissism.

We know you’ll enjoy it!