Episode 19: Maine Crime Writers Noir at the Bar

The audience listens as Brenda Buchanan tells them what the deal is.

In a VERY SPECIAL episode, we feature the April 2 Noir at the Bar event, in which a dozen members of the Maine Crime Writers blog and some guest speakers read (brief!) passages from their work. The Maine Crime Writers blog is a loose group of published mystery and crime writers who live in, and often write about, Maine. The genres run the gamut from cozy to hard-boiled — a little something for everyone. There may even be some lobsters and lighthouses.

Those who read at the event were Sandra Neely, Lea Wait, Maureen Milliken, Jen Blood, Vaughn Hardacker, EJ Fechenda, Brenda Buchanan, Richard Cass, Bruce Robert Coffin, Brendan Rielly, James Hayman and Chris Holm.

It’s a fast-paced fun-filled crazy quilt of mystery and crime! And sure, it may sound like you’re in a bar, but that’s because that’s where we were. So pop open a cold one, sit back and enjoy!

Don’t worry, we also have our weekly recommendations feature and stuff.

Noir at the Bar, in photos! Click on author’s name in above post for more information

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