134. Maine 2022 Homicide List: It’s not a drug problem, it’s a life problem

Thirty people died of homicide in Maine this year (not including the two perpetrators in murder-suicides), the most recent on Christmas Day. That’s the most since 2008, when there were 31.

While the state’s drug problems get a lot of attention — as they should — 2022 Maine homicides show that, as always, nowhere are Mainers in more danger of being killed than in their own home by someone who should love them.

We take a look at the 2022 homicides as they unfolded, from Eva Cox, 58, on Jan. 8 in Lubec, to Makinzee Handrahan, 3, in Edgecomb on Dec. 25.

Rebecca also gives an NNW review to the Amazon series Three Pines.