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These links don’t tell you everything you need to know, but they add to the story, and can lead to more information. While this is not a complete list of all our sources, we do source all our material in the episodes themselves. That said, much of what’s here was part of our source material for our reports, and some of it is additional material. Check back for occasional updates to some of the stories.

WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BRINGING THIS UP TO DATE. If you don’t see what you like, check back soon. Honest.

EPISODE 86: No justice for Helen Jewett

Rebecca used one main source for this story, the book “The Murder of Helen Jewett,” by Patricia Cline Cohen. Here’s the Amazon link.

For Maureen’s update on the latest on the Breonna Taylor case, the best source is the Louisville Courier-Journal. All the articles on her, including the ones Maureen used for her update, can be found by clicking here.

Maureen’s NNW rating is on “20/20 The Chameleon.”

EPISODE 85: Kathleen McLean, the surgeon and diagnosis murder

Maureen relied primarly on Boston Globe coverage, as well as MassLive. Some information also came from the Boston Herald, People magazine and other sources cited during the episode.

Some of the major stories used were: “Wife allegedly killed by Dover surgeon got help from the legal system, but her husband ‘manipulated her,’ police chief says,” by John Ellement; “Ingolf Tuerk, accused of strangling his wife Kathleen McLean and leaving her body in a pond indicted for murder,”  by Melissa Hanson; “They were healers, now one is charged,” by Kevin Cullen; “‘He must have completely fallen apart’: Star surgeon accused of murdering estranged wife,” by Hanna Krueger and Tonya Alanez.

Maureen got the information to give Joe McGinnis a voice on his involvement with Jeffrey MacDonald from McGinnis’ epilogue in later versions of “Fatal Vision.” You can read the entire epilogue by clicking here.

Rebecca updates the Aela Mansmann “bullying” case. For information used from the Portland Press Herald, click here.

Rebecca’s NNW rating was on the HBO series “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.”

EPISODE 84: Bianca Devins wasn’t murdered by the internet

Rebecca got most of her information from the Syracuse (N.Y.) Post Standard an Utica (N.Y.) Observer-Dispatch.

The Post-Standard Biana Devins articles can be found here.

The Advertiser-Democrat articles can be found here.

She also relied on two Rolling Stone articles: “The short life and viral death of Bianca Devins,” by EJ Dickson; “After Bianca Devins’ murderer pleads guilty, new evidence sheds light on her final moments,” by EJ Dickson.

Maureen’s NNW rating is on the Showtime documentary “Outcry.”

EPISODE 83: The blood cold Walker family murders

Maureen got much of her information for this episode using and reading accounts written at the time, largely from the Tampa Bay Times and a May 8, 1966, Miami Herald column by Gene Miller.

More current stories are from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, including: “Sister’s violent death left a tormented family,” by Donna Koehn; “The suspects: A litany of names and clues,” by Matthew Doig; “Her innocence? Lost all too easily. Her torment? That she can’t shake,” by Matthew Doig; “DNA test results complicate 47-year search for a killer,” by Matthew Doig.

Also, stories by Tamara Lush, of the Associated Press, including: “In Cold Blood killers’ DNA not linked to Florida.”

In her NNW rating, Rebecca reviews “The Poet and the Murderer,” by Simon Worrall.

EPISODE 82: Mark Hoffman, forging murder

Rebecca based much of her research on the book “The Poet and the Murderer,” by Simon Worrall.

Maureen does a mini on domestic violence stats and myths, with some of the information coming from the New York Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence “Understanding Domestic Abusers” webpage. Specifics of the Natasha Morgan and Aneilka Allen cases come from the Portland Press Herald, Lewiston Sun-Journal and Bangor Daily News.

EPISODE 81: From Yoga Twins to Ghislaine Maxwell

This was an “update episode” with multiple sources to update many episodes. Sources are cited in the episode.

EPISODE 80: Susan Taraskiewicz, murdered by the glass ceiling

Maureen used contemporary accounts of the Susan Taraskiewicz murder from the Boston Globe, using

Her mother for several years made video pleas, publicized by Massachusetts State Police. Here’s one of them.

Some other major sources were:, with the federal appellate case that had details of some of the suspects and Susan’s interaction with them. Click here to read it.

Suffolk County DA’s remarks on the 20th anniversary of her murder. To read them, click here.

One particularly detailed anniversary update, in September 2009, was by the Boston Globe’s Shelley Murphy.  Here is the link to the article in the Globe archives.

“Unsolved Mysteries” did an episode on it, and has a fairly decent synposis on its webpage.

In our NNW ratings, Rebecca reviews the HBO series “I Know This Much is True,” and Maureen examines her odd obsession with the Ian Rutledge mystery series by mother-son writing team Charles Todd.

EPISODE 79: Don’t mess with Maine State Trooper Vicki Gardner

Rebecca got her information from the Bangor Daily News article on Stephen Fortin’s guilty plea in the attack on Gardner can be found here.

Details on his death-penalty case for the murder of Melissa Padilla in New Jersey can be read here.

The 1999 New Jersey appellate court file also has detailed information. To read it, click here.

There’s also a 2002 “Forensic Files”episode (not used for this episode, but it’s a good account of the case). To watch it on YouTube, click here.

We review the first season of the new version of “Unsolved Mysteries,” which is on Netflix.

EPISODE 78: Ghislaine Maxwell, why NOT New Hampshire?

In the days after Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested, Maureen explores why it’s actually not that weird for her to be found in New Hampshire.

Some of the sources she used were:

‘Ghislaine, is that you?’ Inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s life on the lam,” in Vanity Fair by Mark Seal.

“Ghislaine Maxwell to appear in court as fresh details of arrest emerge,” in The Guardian, by Owen Bowcott.

“Bradford, NH: Everything to know about where Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested,” in the New York Post, by Larry Celona, Gabrielle Fonrouge and Natalie O’Neill

“Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding out in a luxury home with ‘total privacy’,” in the New York Post, by Larry Celona, Gabrielle Fonrouge and Bruce Golding

Rebecca updates Maine’s Noah Gaston case, using information from the Portland Press Herald, and Maureen updates the Breonna Taylor case, with most of the information from the Lousville Courier-Journal.

Rebecca reviews the NBC TV series, “This is Us.”

EPISODE 77: Say her name – the police war on Black women

Maureen used many many sources for this episode. Here are links to some of the major ones. I’ll make it look better at some point, as well as update previous episodes info, but wanted this resource to be here for those looking for more information.

Be sure to support your local news outlet! – Maureen


EPISODE 54: Albert Flick, never too old for murder






Much of the information for the episode came from the Lewiston Sun-Journal’s great coverage.

Here’s a photo of Rancourt’s Laundromat, in Lewiston, Maine, where Kimberly Dobbie was killed:


EPISODE 53: The Hart family: Not what they seemed

Our special guess sister Liz, the history profession, used some of these resources for her report:

The Oregonian had a great timeline with links to news stories.

The Washington Post article, “Abuse, Neglect and a System that Failed,” by Joe Heim and Julie Tate has a detailed account over all three states of the ineffective oversight by child protection agencies.

Focus on Minnesota part of the story came from the Minnesota Star-Tribune.

EPISODE 52: Carl Drega

The online content isn’t great for this 1997 mass shooting — we find many national articles about things that happen in Maine inaccurate and condescending, and it also happened before publications were putting much on the internet.

That said, a lot of our information, came from the book “In the Evil Day,” by Richards Adams Carey, which is flawed, but a lot better than the books out there that glorify Drega and are loaded with misinformation.


EPISODE 49: The Mad Sculptor

For info on Robert Irwin, Vernonica Gedeon, and more, a great source is “The Beekman Hill Maniac,” a New York Daily News article by Jay Maeder.

Much of the info for the podcast came from the book “The Mad Sculptor,” by Harold Schecter.

EPISODE 48: The Haysom Murders

For the web page for the documentary “Killing for Love,” which we got much of the information for this episode from, and has a lot of information independent of the movie, click here.


EPISODE 47: Linda Dolloff

For the  ABC News coverage, with links to videos, click here.

For the June 2011 Portland Press Herald story on Linda Dolloff’s sentencing, click here.


EPISODE 46: The Turpin Family

There are many, many, many articles and videos available on the Turpin case, and we used many to report this story. For an early one from the LA Times that we got a lot of information from, click here.

For the ABC 20/20 episode we discuss extensively, click here.

For the full Riverside DA news conference held in January 2018 after the kids were freed, click  here.

EPISODE 45: Brenda Spencer

Watch the episode of Female Killers about the case. Click here.

Don’t know the song? Here’s Bob Geldolf and the Boomtown Rats singing “I don’t like  Mondays” Click here.

EPISODE 44: Charlie Cullen

Watch the 60 Minutes episode on Charlie Cullen. Click here.

Much of the information for our episode came from the book “The Good Nurse,” by Charles Graeber.


EPISODE 43: Ashley Ouellette

Read the Portland Press Herald story from two years ago, “Scarborough police appeal for information in cold case killing of Ashley Ouellette.”

click here

EPISODE 42: Gardner Heist

For the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s page, timeline and information about the robbery, click here.

The Boston Police Department handout photo of security guard Richard Abath, found bound in the museum’s basement the morning of the robbery.



For the Boston Globe’s 2015 interview with security guard Richard Abath, click here.

To read Steve Kurkjian’s March 11, 2015, twenty-fifth anniversary article, “Does a Connecticut Shed Hold Secrets to Gardner Heist?” click here.

The Boston Globe’s special online page with information about the heist (if you have to pay for a subscription, even for a month, to read it, it’s worth it. Support effective journalism!) Click here.


EPISODE 41: Peter Francis

To read Colin Woodard’s series “Unsettled,” serialized in the Portland Press Herald, click here.


EPISODE 40: Killed in Their Own Backyards

To read Yankee Magazine’s “The Killing of Karen Wood,” click  here.

To read the New York Times story about Karen Wood’s death, “A Killing in Maine,” click here.

To read Robert Scruggs’ 2003 Yankee Magazine story about Maine’s hunting deaths, click here.

EPISODE 38: Nichole Cable

“Kyle Dube Found Guilty,” March 6, 2015, in the Bangor Daily News. Click here for story and links to other BDN stories about the case.

EPISODE 37: Kim Wall

New York Times: “Kim Wall was Stabbed After Boarding Submarine,” the  most up-to-date article at the time of our podcast. Click here to read it.

“Remembering Kim Wall,” by the Columbia Journalist Review. Click here.


EPISODE 36: Murder on the Appalachian Trail

For Outside Online’s story about the murder of Geoff Hood and Molly LaRue, click here.

For’s account of the unsolved murders of Julie Williams and Lollie Winans, click here.

“Lonely, Dark and Deep,” Wil Haygood of the Washington Post writes about Randall Lee Smith. Read it here.

EPISODE 35: Carol Jenkins

The  most recent news, from Channel 13, WTHR in Indiana. Monument rejected. Click here.

The New Yorker’s 2002 story about the case. “Who Killed Carol Jenkins?” Click here.

For the documentary on Sundown Towns, which aired on The Injustice Files, click here.

EPISODE 34: Son of Sam

New York Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin’s “letter” to Son of Sam, urging him to give himself up. Click here.

“Son of Sam’s” letter to Jimmy Breslin, click here.

For CBS news photos and timeline, click here.

For video of David Berkowitz in the documentary “The Killer Speaks,” this clip shown on CBS News in August, 2017, click here.

For archival NBC news footage from the case, click here.

EPISODE 33: Conrad Roy


Read all the texts between Conrad Roy and Michelle Carter the day he died here.

Read Esquire magazine’s “The Girl From Plainville,” a look into the Conrad Roy-Michelle Carter case by reporter Jesse Barron here.

Boston Globe video of Michelle Carter’s sentencing, click here.


EPISODE 32: Malaga Island

Malaga Island residents ( photo)





To access the audio documentary “Malaga Island: A story best left untold,” and the documentary’s website, click here.

To watch the documentary made by middle-schoolers from Green House School in Bath, Maine, in 2010, click here.

To watch the documentary about Malaga Island that appeared on Maine’s PBS station, click here.

EPISODE 31: Connecticut Valley Serial Killer

“Two crime profilers for Anthony Sanborn say clues suggest a serial killer,” June story by the Portland Press Herald references a possible link to decades-old case. Click here to read it.

This Tampa Bay Times story, “New Interest in Connecticut River Valley Serial Killings,”  published in 2008, is rich with detail. To read it, click here.

THS documentary makes the most compelling case, and is the most accurate, about the case. Click here to watch.

The New Hampshire Department of Justice list of of cold case murders is chilling. Check it out here.

The Portland Press Herald has an interactive map of Maine’s unsolved homicides, going back to 1954. Check it out here.

State of Vermont’s list of unsolved homicides, with interactive map. Click here.

Vermont’s list of missing person’s, with interactive map. Click here.

EPISODE 30: Kyron Horman

The latest story on the seven-year mystery of what happened to the Oregon boy, from, “New details in the search for Kyron Horman.” Read it here.

Stepmother Terri Horman appeared on Dr. Phil in September 2016. Here’s a link to the show’s website with clips from that.

The original family press conference referenced in our episode. Click here to watch.

Kyron Horman: 8 things  to know” by The Oregonian, with links to earlier stories. Click here.

EPISODE 29: Annie Dookhan

Annie Dookhan is arrested. (Boston Globe photo)

The Washington Post took an in-depth look at the Dookhan case, “How a lab chemist went from ‘superwoman’ to disgraced saboteur.” Read it here.

The Post’s article on how Massachusetts had to dismiss tens of thousands of cases after Dookhan’s fraud was uncovered. Read it here.

Pro Publica’s take, “Thousands of potentially wrongful convictions, years of delayed actions.” Read it here.

The fallout continues: The Boston Globe’s story on how Dookhan is ordered to pay $2 million to a man arrested for selling a cashew to an undercover cop, “Judge orders Dookhan to pay $2 million to wrongfully convicted man.” Read it here. 

EPISODE 28: Joyce Carol Vincent


Documentarian Carol Morley wrote a piece for The Guardian on what spurred her to look into Vincent’s death. Read it here.

EPISODE 27: Phil Hartman

Salon published an article about the the last night of Phil Hartman’s life. Read it here.

Before Alec Baldwin owned the Donald Trump impression, Phil Hartman wasn’t too bad at it himself. Check out this sketch from 1990 with Hartman and Jan Hooks, from Saturday Night Live. There’s  more Hartman on the site. That’s our Hartman more stuff.

EPISODE 26: Blanche Kimball

A Kennebec Journal photo of Blanche Kimball’s home on State Street, June 1976.

A slideshow of some of the summer of 1976 Kennebec Journal articles regarding the case.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To read the initial Kennebec Journal story about Gary Raub’s arrest, “Homeless man charged in 1976 Augusta murder,” click here.

To read the Seattle PI’s story about how Seattle detectives got the final evidence against Raub, “How chewing gum solved a decades-old homicide,” click here.

To ready Betty Adams’ Kennebec Joural jailhouse interview with Raub after he pleaded guilty, “Raub: ‘I pled guilty because it must have happened,” click here.


EPISODE 25: Phil Spector

To watch “True Crime With Aphrodite Jones: Phil Spector,” click here.

To read People magazine’s 1989 story about Phil Spector, click here; and click here for People’s 1974 story, “Phil Spector, Freaky Genius of Rock is Alive if Not Well.”

To read Dominick Dunne’s story in Vanity Fair after the 2007 hung jury, “The Verdict is Missing,” click here. To read another Dunne 2007 story about the case, “Guilty Feelings,” click here. To read Dunne’s 2008 story after the guilty verdict, “Legend With a Bullet,” click here.

EPISODE 24: Fitbit and Woodchipper murders

To read the Hardford Courant April 23 story “A marriage marked by secrets, a murder case months in the making,” click here.

To read about Helle Craft’s murder by her husband Richard in 1986, read People magazine’s “The Lady Vanishes and Woodchipper Leaves Just a Shred of Evidence,” click here.

To watch the Forensic Files episode about the wood chipper case, click here.

BONUS EPISODE 1: Logan Marr and Anthony Sanborn updates

To read about the latest evidence the defense didn’t get in the Sanborn case, click here for “Investigator returns Sanborn case files that he kept in his attic,” May 2, Portland Press Herald.

To read how Logan Marr’s sister, Bailey, who was 2 when Logan was murdered, turned out, click here for “Trust fund from Logan Marr’s death to pay for sister’s college, May 5, Kennebec Journal.

EPISODE 22: Anthony Sanborn

Portland Press Herald Photo

For the 104-page bail motion filed by attorney Amy Fairfield, click here.

For the WMTW TV story the day Sanborn was released, click here.

For the reaction of attorney Pamela Ames, who prosecuted Sanborn in 1989, click here.

For the Maine Sunday Telegram story on Portland’s street kids of the 1980s and 1990s, click here.

To get a profiler’s take on Jessica Briggs’ murder, click here for the Portland Press Herald story.

EPISODE 21: Timothy McVeigh

Timothy McVeigh (New York Daily News)

To watch the PBS American Experience documentary “Oklahoma City” click here.

To read Gore Vidal’s Vanity Fair article “The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh” click here.


EPISODE 20: Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay

Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney

To watch the videos of the January 2003 traffic stop that started everything, click here for the first part and then here for part two and part three.

For the video of the May 11, 2007, stop, as taped by Bruce McKay’s dashboard camera, click here.

For the Caledonian Record story of the police interview with Gregory Floyd the night of the shooting, click here.

For the Caldeonian Record story following the release of records involving Gregory Floyd’s role in the shooting, click here.

For the Caledonian Record story on police interviews with Kenney car passenger Caleb Macauley and the son of Kenney’s shooter, Gregory Floyd, click here.

For the final court decision after Kenney’s father, David Kenney, filed a civil suit against Floyd, the Franconia police chief, and others, click here.


EPISODE 18: Logan Marr

Logan Marr died at the hands of a woman who was sure she’d make a better mother for the girl than Logan’s own mother, who’d been jerked around by Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services for several years before Logan’s death at 5. Logan couldn’t understand why she couldn’t live with her mom. You won’t either.

Click here for the excellent Frontline documentary, The Taking of Logan Marr

For a transcript of the show, click here

For more of Frontline’s background on the show and case, click here.

For the latest on the case, “Release of child killer stirs painful memories for mother,” by Betty Adams, of the Kennebec Journal, click here.


EPISODE 17: Martha Moxley

So much has been written about the 15-year-old killed in the gated Greenwhich, Connecticut, community in 1975 and her convicted killer Michael Skakel 37 years later, that we can’t link everything.

But here are the two books that tell the story the best.

To see a link to GREENTOWN, by Tim Dumas, click here.

For a link to CONVICTION, by Len Levitt, click here.


EPISODE 16: A Tale of Two (Fake) Rockefellers

Two totally different guys, but with one basic idea: Call yourself Rockefeller and watch the $$$$ roll in. They both were successful, too, right up until they weren’t. One, Christian Gerhertsreiter, ended up convicted of murder and is serving time in a California prison. The other, Christopher Rocancourt, is a B-list celebrity in his home country of France, appearing on talk shows and games shows. At least we think so. We don’t speak French, so it’s hard to tell.

For an in-depth look at Gerhertsreiter from Vanity Fair, “The Main in the Rockefeller Suit,” click here.

For Vanity Fair’s take on Rocancourt, “The Counterfeit Rockefeller,” click here.


EPISODE 15: Stalking, from Saldana to Grimmie

Stalking has always been a thing, but it didn’t become a THING until a few high-profile cases in the 1980s.

To read Domick Dunne’s searing Vanity Fair account of his daughter’s murder and trial, “Justice: A Father’s Account of his Daughter’s Killer,” click here.

For a chilling and brutally sad British documentary about stalking from the 1990s, “I’m Your Number One Fan,” click here.

For the 1994 “Investigative Reports” episode that looks at stalking after the Rebecca Schaeffer murder, “The Assassins Among us,” click here.

One stalking victim, profiled in the 1994 IR show, has taken safety into her own hands. To check out Kathleen Baty, The Safety Chick, click here.


EPISODE 14: Going Postal

There were a lot of stories behind the 1984 Edmond, Oklahoma, post office shooting, in which Patrick Shirrell killed 14 and wounded many others. The shooting, the worst in a series of shootings at post offices and/or by postal workers, spurred the term “going postal,” and ushered in an era that we now almost take for granted. One of the best ways that story is told is through the eyes of union steward Ron Blackwell in a series of news clips and other video, a look back in time.

Watch the video by clicking here.

EPISODE 13: Chandra Levy

Although it ran in 2008, before the Ingmar Guandique developments in the case, the Washington Post 2008 series that spurred Gandique’s arrest is the go-to for information on this case, as are it’s later stories about how the case fell apart.

Who Killed Chandra Levy? Read it here.

The Recording that Undid the Chandra Levy Murder Case. Read it here.


EPISODE 12: The Kalamazoo Uber driver

Former Kalamazoo, Michigan, Uber driver Jason Dalton, 45, is charged with killing six people and wounding two others in a rampage he says was prompted by his Uber app, which had Satan’s head and told him to kill. [Yahoo News photo]

The Uber Killer: The Real Story of One Night of Terror. Read it here



EPISODE 11: Cross-country domestic violence serial killer revealed

A gallery of “Bob Evans” mugshots, created by NH1.

A daughter’s search for her real parents and huge leaps in DNA and other science led to the shocking partial resolution of one of New Hampshire’s most enduring and sad cold cases and uncovered a serial killer who preyed on the women who loved him and the children they bore. The New Hampshire Union Leader has covered the story from the beginning, read the latest here and follow its links to other stories.

NH Investigators pledge to identify Bob Evans’ victims. Read it here.


EPISODE 10: Jonestown

Some of the more than 900 who died at Jonestown November 1978. [Dave Hume Kennerly/Getty Images]
It’s not about drinking Kool-Aid. It’s about megalomania, and a 909-person murder suicide. After watching this chilling 2006 PBS documentary, you’ll never joke about “drinking the Kool-Aid” again. Anyway, it was FlavorAde.

Jonestown: The Life and Death of People’s Temple. Watch it here



EPISODE 3: Ayla Reynolds

20-month-old Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her father’s Waterville, Maine, home overnight December 17, 2011. There hasn’t been a trace of her since and there have never been any charges in the case. The Morning Sentinel of Waterville has been there from the beginning. has an extensive Ayla Reynolds page on its site. Check it out here.


EPISODE 2: Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp, charged with killing six in South Carolina, was a hot-shot realtor with a troubled past. As his case progresses, two local newspapers, The Greenville News and the Gaston Gazette, have covered the case with detail and persistence.

To read the Greenville News coverage, click here.

To read the Gaston Gazette feature “Todd Kohlhepp: Face of Fear” click here.