Episode 2: NOT a good boy, the story of SC serial killer Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp, charged with killing seven people in South Carolina, is not a good boy. No matter what his mother says.

Kohlhepp, a popular and successful realtor, was arrested in early November after Kala Brown, missing for three months, was found in a storage container on his 100-acre farm. Kohlhepp admitted to killing Charles Carver, Brown’s boyfriend, and also told police he’d killed Meagan and Johnny Coxie, who disappeared in December 2015. To top it off, police said he also confessed to shooting to death four people in a South Carolina motorcycle shop in 2003.

Kohlhepp’s mother insists he’s not the monster everyone seems to think he is. She’s been doing that since he was convicted at age 15 of raping a teenage neighbor at knife point, telling the court that “he’s not a bad boy.”

But he is. And always has been. Crime&Stuff Episode 2 takes a look at the life of accused South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp.

Coming up this weekend.